Elegance and simplicity at the core

Three unique styles with deep roots

Our foundations is built on the Nordic heritage of elegance and simplicity. Choose between three different aesthetics that will last through times and trends.

Nordic Light

Inspired by sandy beaches and open forests, the Nordic light styles use plenty of naturally light materials that have a clean and timeless expression.

Experience Nordic Light
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Nordic Dark

Inspired by deep forests and scandinavian heritage, the Nordic dark styles use plenty of naturally dark materials that have a clean and timeless expression.

Experience Nordic Dark
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Black & White

Inspired by snowy mountains, the Nordic black and white styles use simple and clean components that make room for a versatile everyday at work.

Experience Nordic Black & White
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A unified look to fit every space

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Add a splash of color – or more

The foundational styles can be combined with a range of lively colors to match your company’s personality. Pick one or mix and match, we’ll help you find the perfect finish.

Circular design

Good for people, planet & business

We’re working hard to give you the best of all worlds: quality design products at a competitive price and with care for the environment.

Our company philosophy is circular. Furniture isn’t meant to be bought once and discarded — it’s meant to be used to the fullest over a long time.

To identify and select the most suitable furniture, we have developed a selection model based on five key principles. These principles encompass timeless design, high functionality, product quality to ensure longevity, sustainability for the environment, and a component-based design for simplified renovation and repair.

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Beautiful form, built to last

We work with the best brands in business to give you the best office interior. It’s a matter of quality and it matters as much to us as it does to you.

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