Major investment. Uncertain future needs. Buying office furniture has always been linked to both difficulties and risk, since it’s a decision that your company will have to live with for many years. That’s why you should subscribe, instead of buying. With NORNORM’s service you get full flexibility to adapt your workplace to current needs. No investment. No risk.

Change functions around

Businesses never stand still. And neither should your office. Yesterday, you might have needed ten desks – today, a collaboration area will suit your operations better. Or you might need to create new, quiet zones. Optimising space to new ways of working raises both productivity and the well-being of your employees. With a flexible NORNORM subscription, you can easily switch functions around if you don’t get it right the first time. No risk.

If you want to find out for yourself how it works, try us out. No investment. No risk.

If you move, we move with you

Moving to a new office? No problem – your subscription will move too. But before you move to your new location, we will make sure the furniture set-up is adaptable to your new space. If not, we will provide you with a design proposal based on the characteristics of your new office. The only thing we need is a floor plan and six weeks’ notice.


Switching days

To minimize environmental impact from transports, we have gathered deliveries and implementations to specific dates.
Amsterdam – 4 times per year
Copenhagen – 4 times per year
Stockholm – 4 times per year
Berlin – 4 times per year
Gothenburg – 2 times per year
London – official UK launch planned Q2)
New cities are added continually.

See switching days for your location

How flexibility works

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