We aim to be honest, good for businesses and better for the planet. Our offer should demonstrate long-term value for businesses all over the world.

We provide beautiful, functional furnishing solutions for workspaces through an affordable subscription. NORNORM is not only a service, it's a partnership. As a subscriber, we got your back, listen to your needs and aim to assist or alternatively recommend partners who can.

We are for everyone looking for a flexible and affordable furnishing solution. However, most of our clients have between 20 to 1000 employees.

- Simple Price: NORNORM is surprisingly affordable. It is based on a subscription model that no one else can beat. - Convenience: NORNORM will curate and install all the furniture needed to create a great workspace. - Circular: NORNORM is committed to limit our collective carbon footprint. - Flexible: NORNORM enables businesses to adapt when they need to. - Long Term Relationship: NORNORM is a long term business partner for its members (not customers). - Honest: NORNORM is transparent when it comes to prices and products.

Whenever you’re in doubt or trouble, we’re always here to help with a wide range of services. Curious if there’s an even better furnishing solution out there? Our team of interior professionals are always happy to inspire and help. And If your chair, or any other item, breaks, we have your back. We repair or replace damaged items within 72 hours.

We currently operate in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Singapore. We are growing fast and adding new projects in different places every day. Feel free to contact us for more information, and hopefully you will see our NORNORM workspaces in your city soon.


We provide you with all items that aren’t fixed to the floor, wall or ceiling. To give an example, this includes tables, chairs, sofas, free-standing bookshelves and floor lamps, but not wall frames or loft lighting.

The subscription does not include fixed installations (e.g. kitchen or fixed lighting), IT and Tech infrastructure, merchandising and art. But we are happy to recommend selected partners that can help you.

We don't have any minimum subscription period.

The subscription can be cancelled at any time, but requires a minimum of six months notice.

NORNORM is a circular subscription model – not a leasing model. After usage, we take pride in extending the lifetime of each product by refurbishing them to a state as good as new. Because of this, it is not possible to buy our products, but feel free to get in touch with special requests.

When moving to a new space, the design team will adapt your design solution to fit your new space and requirements. The NORNORM team will plan the move together with you. Moving to a new space will trigger a new start-up fee based on the full square meters of your new space.

Everything will be more or less installed on the first day of your subscription. Three months later, we will do a check-in together with you to understand if any adaptations are needed.

To be affordable for all, we aim to consolidate change requests and do larger-scale rearrangements once every quarter. Of course, we are able to provide you with extra chairs and tables with a shorter lead-time than on the quarterly change dates.


‘Good as new’ furniture are items that look and feel new, but are in fact certified refurbished items that have potentially been used by other customers before. Some items may be brand new, but this will be very limited due to our circular business approach.

We only work with sustainable products, produced under fair conditions. For example, we use products with recycled and recyclable materials as far as possible and products with a minimum expected life span of 15 years, but many will last for decades.

Each furniture item will have a unique "passport ID" that can be tracked. This will document the history and usage of the product.

You are free to choose any of our three style groups – Nordic light, Nordic dark, or Nordic black & white. Each style group contains a number of furniture sets covering all basic functions of an office. We welcome discussion on specific furniture sets. However, you can not "cherry-pick" specific pieces of furniture throughout your design.