Complete workspace solutions made simple

Give your tenants a beautiful move-in ready workspace that is adaptable, affordable and better for the planet.

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Lease your space faster with a flexible, turn-key solution

NORNORM is a subscription-based furniture service that offers high-quality, timeless office furniture at an affordable price. Tailor your space exactly to your tenants’ needs, so that they pick you and not the co-working space around the corner.

Better workspaces are just the beginning

We don’t simply furnish workspaces, we offer better and smarter work ecosystems. From technology that makes it simple to manage your spaces, to the latest workspace designs that foster healthier and happier people, to furniture that is refurbished and reused — we are reinventing work-life from the ground up.

How it works

Companies today are much pickier with their office solutions, and being able to provide them with a flexible solution is a central selling point for us.

NIAM Real Estate


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We offer unlimited flexibility, meaning you can change as often as you like. We will use the quarterly check-ins to discuss any needs for change in your office and consolidate change requests in your area as much as possible to minimise the climate impact. Of course, you are welcome to connect at any time to discuss the need for changes in your office and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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We provide you with all items that aren’t fixed to the floor, wall or ceiling. To give an example, this includes tables, chairs, sofas and free-standing bookshelves, but not wall frames or lighting.

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The subscription does not include fixed installations (e.g. electrical fixtures, kitchen or fixed lighting), IT and Tech infrastructure, merchandising, accessories, lighting, rugs, or art. But we are happy to recommend selected partners that can help you.

Let us know your workplace needs and we will get back to you with a bespoke furnishing solution and generate an interactive 3D-model of your floor plan.