Let’s revolutionise workplaces together

Let us take on the boring stuff so you only have to focus on the fun stuff.

Offer your clients an unique workspace from €1 per person and day.

We are reliable

Never re-specify again. It’s up to you and your client how much – or how little – you want to source from us. But even if it’s everything, NORNORM will hit your deadline every time guaranteed. There’s no haggling on price and no hidden fees. Deliver. Install. Swap it out next year? We’ve got you covered!

We put more money in your pocket – and your project

When we work together, you’ll complete more projects faster, which is more money in your pocket at the end of the year (and more projects in your portfolio). Also, our subscription model frees up your budgets so you have more money to play with to create special, high-impact moments throughout your project. Now you can create the bespoke project that both wows your client and possibly gets you that award or press!

We care about quality and style.

Imagine if contract grade furniture also had style? We did just that. Now you don’t have to take risks on a product that might not be up to the task. But you also don’t have to hunt endlessly for a task chair that feels timeless and integrates with your – and your client’s – style. Our products are rigorously tested for the workplace.They are elegant in their simplicity. They blend into any scene you create. We collaborate with the brands and designers you admire to offer best-in-class products. And, who knows, maybe we can even create a new piece with you, too?

We put the planet first.

Making informed purchasing decisions is exhausting. Rest easy. We’ve done all of that hard work for you. We do business in a new way, where people and planet is as important as revenue streams. If your clients need to down-size, no worries! We’ll take away whatever they don’t need any longer and put it back into circulation. That table leg a little wobbly? We’ll fix it. We commit to a practice we call “Good as new.” Furniture now can last decades instead of years. Your clients will sleep better knowing you’ve helped them make decisions that are better for people and the planet.

We make office fit out simple.

We keep our offering simple so we can consistently deliver on all of our promises. Our price is affordable and all of our products are right for the job. Our offering is tight yet super flexible. You can own as much or as little of the project as you like. We can supply all of the furniture or we can just supply the workstations. That’s up to you. But what we do provide is an end-to-end service that’s designed to make building workplace simple and headache-free. We’ve even developed tools that make your client presentations easier to produce, if you like.

How it works

We’re not just a furniture company. We’re like the life partner who empowers you to be an even better version of yourself.

Designers, be free to think big!


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Pricing starts from €3 per sqm and month + a set-up fee of €18 per sqm (one-time payment).

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No. We are proud to offer you a simple and transparent price model.

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There’s no catch. By relying on carefully selected furniture suppliers, we are able to offer high-quality products that last, thus suited to be refurbished and circulated to a new subscriber.

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Shipping and implementation of the first implementation is always included. If you want a layout change of a complete office space, we will make it possible at an industry competitive lead time. We offer free office redesign services to meet your new requirements, but the costs of delivery and implementation will be charged.

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We offer free office redesign services to meet your new requirements, but the costs of delivery and implementation will be charged.

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Your design fee is unchanged by sourcing NORNORM furniture. Whatever fee you and your client have agreed upon remains the same whether or not you choose to work with NORNORM.

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We’re here to take on the more boring stuff and that includes minor layout adjustments or adding more desks next year. You’re free to move on to the next exciting project. But don’t worry, if your client wants to do something more significant than a furniture swap, we’ll make sure you’re in the loop. To make our services affordable for everyone, we aim to consolidate change requests and conduct larger-scale rearrangements twice a year on what we call "Switching days". However, if you have any urgent needs, such as requiring extra chairs and tables, we can accommodate these requests with a shorter lead time. We offer free office redesign services to meet your new requirements, but the costs of delivery will be charged.

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Your call. We are happy to to do it for you or make the first draft. We can also share the load where we do the workspace and meeting room areas and you focus on the common areas such as lounge, reception and canteen. We work with Archilogic but can of course punch out to other industry systems as well.

Let us know your workplace needs and we will get back to you with a bespoke furnishing solution and generate an interactive 3D-model of your floor plan.