klarx x NORNORM: Seamlessly Navigating Business Transitions

From construction equipment to height adjustable desks: klarx's transition to circular office aesthetics with NORNORM

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klarx, a Munich based start-up pioneering a rental model for construction machinery, recently sought the expertise of NORNORM in its quest to furnish its new office space. Faced with the challenge of a swift transition between offices while still maintaining operational readiness, klarx required efficiency and design finesse.

With NORNORM, the process of furnishing the new premises was streamlined and hassle-free, enabling klarx to transition from one office space to another within a week's time.

We sat down with Florian Handschuh, co-founder of klarx, to delve deeper into the ideas underpinning the brand and the collaboration with NORNORM.

What was the driving force behind pioneering a rental model for construction machinery?

The idea behind klarx was born out of a recognition of the significant inefficiencies and challenges within the construction equipment rental industry.

Traditional models were often plagued by cumbersome processes, lack of transparency, and underutilised equipment. Our driving force was to bring a disruptive change to this industry by introducing a rental model that embraced modern technology and transparency.

We believe in this model because it aligns with the evolving needs of construction professionals. By renting instead of owning equipment, companies can reduce capital expenditures, access a wider variety of machinery, and enjoy the flexibility of scaling their operations up or down as needed.

Additionally, it's more sustainable, reducing the overall environmental impact associated with the manufacturing and disposal of construction equipment.

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Why did you choose to subscribe to your workspace furniture, and how does this align with klarx's overall business philosophy?

The decision to explore the subscription-versus-purchase model for office furnishing was a natural progression of our core values at klarx. We recognised that businesses today are seeking flexibility in their office environments. With shifting workspaces and a dynamic workforce, the idea of owning and managing furniture became increasingly impractical.

The subscription model with NORNORM aligns perfectly with the demand for flexibility, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. It allows companies to adapt their office spaces quickly without the burden of large upfront investments. This approach resonates with our overall philosophy of providing adaptable, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to meet our customers' evolving needs.

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Having to transition between office spaces within two weeks is no small feat. How did this influence your decision on furnishing?

Indeed, this was a formidable challenge. We recognised that the traditional approach of purchasing and moving furniture would be incredibly time-consuming and costly. This urgency pushed us to seek out innovative solutions, which led us to NORNORM's subscription-based model.

NORNORM's solution allowed us to swiftly set up a fully furnished office environment within our tight timeline. The flexibility to select, receive, and return furniture as needed provided a level of agility that traditional ownership simply couldn't match. It was a strategic decision driven by necessity, and it has reinforced our belief in the benefits of circular subscription models for dynamic businesses.


In a rapidly changing business landscape, sustainability and efficiency have become paramount. How does klarx's collaboration with NORNORM reflect your commitment to these principles?

Our collaboration with NORNORM is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. By choosing NORNORM's circular subscription model, we are reducing our carbon footprint by optimising furniture usage, minimising waste, and promoting the reuse of resources. This aligns perfectly with our corporate responsibility goals and demonstrates our dedication to environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, this collaboration has enhanced the efficiency of our operations. We can easily adapt our office spaces to changing needs, ensuring that our resources are always utilised optimally. It's a win-win situation where sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.


Beyond the tangible benefits, what have you experienced through the collaboration with NORNORM?

Collaborating with NORNORM has brought about several advantages. Firstly, it has given us peace of mind during transitions. Knowing that we can rely on NORNORM's responsive support and flexibility allows us to focus on our core business without the stress of managing office furnishings.

Secondly, it has improved employee satisfaction. Our team appreciates the comfortable and modern office environment, and this positively impacts morale and productivity. Happy employees are key to our success.

Lastly, the collaboration has strengthened our reputation as a forward-thinking and adaptable company. It sends a powerful message to our clients, partners, and stakeholders that we are proactive in finding innovative solutions to meet our business challenges.