Buying furniture is 35% more expensive than subscribing


Office fit-out used to be an expensive and lengthy affair where companies were overcharged for furniture – largely driven by hidden fees to middlemen. It was often followed by long waiting times for delivery and installation.

After installment, and having lived with the fit-out for some time, companies often identified needs for change. These needs were rarely picked up and handled by the vendor, so the company was stuck with furniture they did not need, regardless if the furniture was bought or leased.

Today's progressive high-growth companies have shifted to a new subscription model, reducing costs by ~35% and shifting their capital expenditure to their OpEx, while maintaining flexibility to change the furniture as their workspace needs progress.

NORNORM -  Buying furniture is 35% more expensive than subscribing

Not convinced? Make your own comparison

We believe in transparency. Together with our subscriber CFOs we have created a simple cost comparison document, where you can fill out company-specific data and get a detailed overview of your savings when subscribing versus buying or leasing furniture. You will find the link at the bottom of this page!