Design Dynamics: Key Learnings from NORNORM's Design Projects

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Meet Emma Bornholm, a Spatial Design Expert at NORNORM, where creativity meets functionality in the world of office design. In 2023, our design team, led by talents like Emma, celebrated the remarkable milestone of completing over 2,200 office designs and flexible workspace changes. As we reflect back on some of our greatest projects, Emma delves into her experience of working with two distinct clients. It's a story of challenges, innovation, and the seamless blending of client identity into spatial design.

Project Overview

Nova Consulting Group

Embarking on a project with Nova Consulting Group, we encountered the exciting challenge of a new build. Initially armed with only pre-furnished floor plans, the task was to envision a space that was yet to take its final form. Emma's strategy? To present the space in the three NORNORM style expressions: Nordic Dark, Nordic Light, and Nordic Black & White. The turning point came with the architect's lookbook, allowing for a dynamic division of styles across different workspace zones. This collaboration not only enriched the design process but also allowed for different style expression placements to beautifully complement Nova’s branding, especially in the entrance and social areas.

Discover the full case study here.

Project Overview

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett's project brought a different flavour. Our design team significantly reduced the workload of their own team and architect, enabling them to focus on infusing the brand's identity into the office space with more legacy items and artwork. Emma's takeaway? The paramount importance of having comprehensive background information. Knowing about intended space uses, like a multifunctional meeting room, or aesthetic elements like a plant wall, can dramatically enhance the design fit. It was a learning curve, highlighting the need for constant client engagement throughout the design process.

Discover the full case study here.

Insights on Branding in Design:

NORNORM excels in crafting versatile office spaces that effortlessly adapt to unique brand identities. Emma's key advice:

1. Start Neutral: Utilise NORNORM’s classic designs as a canvas for your brand.
2. Personalise with Accessories: Integrate brand colours and themes through curtains, rugs, lamps, or cushions. One of the simplest ways is to paint your walls with signature brand colours.
3. Be Bold with Branding: Don’t shy away from distinct elements like plant walls or custom furniture to showcase your brand’s ethos, as exemplified by Holland & Barrett.

Reflecting on Learnings and Looking Ahead:

Our experiences with Nova Consulting Group and Holland & Barrett have crystallised three pivotal lessons:

1. Detailed Briefs are Crucial: Comprehensive information from the outset ensures designs that are both beautiful and functional.
2. Early and Continuous Engagement: Collaborate with us from the start to fully realise your vision.
3. Continuously Evolve: However well things go, challenges do arise, as seen with Nova Consulting Group, particularly around specific functional requirements of their meeting room tables. This experience has been a catalyst for NORNORM, driving us to really look into the gaps in our product range to cater to unique needs - now we will be able to offer that in the future.

Emma's journey with Nova Consulting Group and Holland & Barrett is a testament to NORNORM’s dedication to excellence in office design. Her experiences underscore our commitment to innovative, client-focused solutions, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of office aesthetics and functionality.

How could NORNORM’s principles of adaptable design, detailed planning, and client collaboration transform your office environment? Whether it's finding the perfect balance of functionality and style, or infusing your brand's unique ethos into every corner, our team is ready to embark on this creative journey with you.