Nova Consulting Group x NORNORM

A partnership forged in flexibility and sustainability

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Client: Nova Consulting Group
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Reduced climate impact: 73.6%
Size: 1927 sqm

In the heart of Slussen, Stockholm, with panoramic views of the city and sea, stands the all-new headquarters of Nova Consulting Group. More than just an agency, Nova represents a rich tapestry of marketing expertise. This diverse network brings together an array of services, from branding strategy to digital campaigns, all under one roof.

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Challenges & Objectives

Their diverse teams, once scattered across several Stockholm sites, now needed a unified home—a place to collectively harness their potential. This isn't merely a workplace; it's where innovation thrives. But with growth comes challenges: finding a solution to fit out this impressive new space.

Nova Consulting Group's rapid growth, coupled with frequent mergers and acquisitions, necessitated a workspace solution that was both adaptable and efficient. They needed an environment that could transform as quickly as their business dynamics. Traditional long-term lease agreements lacked the flexibility they required.

“Making a huge investment in furniture didn't make sense to us,” says Michael Jäderlind, CEO of Nova. Enter NORNORM: redefining adaptability in workspace solutions.

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NORNORM's Solution

When Nova Consulting Group sought a partner for their expansive new office space, their decision wasn't merely transactional—it was holistic. Michael highlights the three foundational pillars that guided their choice: “Financing, flexibility, and sustainability. That’s why we chose NORNORM.” It was evident that they weren't just buying furniture; they were investing in a partnership.

The flexibility of the furniture subscription means that Nova can simply swap out furniture to suit their current requirements with no headache, no logistics, and most importantly, no waste. “With our evolving needs, whether it’s new tenants or an agency expanding its team, the flexibility to swap out sofas for desks or vice versa is really convenient,” says Michael.

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Sustainability isn’t a trend—it's a responsibility. Nova’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in every decision they make. NORNORM's circular model was in complete alignment with this philosophy.

Ulrica Magnusson, advisor from Colliers playing a key role in this transformation, couldn't emphasise enough how NORNORM’s sustainable focus struck a chord with their team. Michael also highlights the broader ramifications of their sustainable choices, particularly when attracting talent: “In every interview, especially with younger individuals, I get asked about our company’s CSR work, our stand on equality, our sustainable practices.”

“We’re not about greenwashing.” Michael states. Their commitment to sustainability runs deep, from the circular furniture concept with NORNORM to the building's energy solutions. They are ahead of the curve, ready to meet any forthcoming sustainability regulations.

Incorporating Nova's Brand Identity

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Nova had aspirations beyond the basic layout; they envisaged a workspace that echoed their brand essence.

The NORNORM solution offered the perfect canvas. At its core, the timeless furniture served as the foundational element, laying out the primary structure of the space.

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Nova then drew inspiration from NORNORM’s design book, featuring complementary colours and textures, to inject their signature branding into the workspace.

Ulrica reflects on this synergy: "We used the concept from NORNORM and added on the specific branding needs that Nova had."

However, like any significant transformation, the journey had its set of challenges. But what stood out was NORNORM’s approach to problem-solving. Ulrica recounts: “Every question, every challenge, every nut to crack started with a ‘Yes, let's see what we can do’. And I really like that.”

The Outcome

Blending aesthetics with functionality:

Caroline Rosengren, a Nova employee, appreciating the holistic approach, spoke fondly of the designated social spaces that NORNORM's design incorporated. These spaces not only facilitated formal discussions but also provided the much-needed alcoves for informal interactions and casual chats.

Yet, the impact of NORNORM’s solution wasn't just skin deep. As Matilda, a fellow employee, keenly pointed out, sustainability in the workspace isn't a fleeting trend; it's an imperative. With their employer using this circular solution, they feel they're part of a larger, environmentally-conscious ecosystem. Every piece of furniture, every design choice echoes this sentiment.

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Financial and Strategic Benefits:

From a strategic standpoint, NORNORM's subscription-based model supported Nova's broader business goals. Michael explains: “We need our cash to purchase or acquire new companies,” continuing that with NORNORM's model, Nova can channel capital towards core operations rather than locking it up in furniture assets. Treating this as an operational cost, rather than a hefty balance sheet entry, aligns perfectly with their financial strategy. “It makes sense for us,” he concludes.

Forging genuine partnerships:

Ulrica Magnusson encapsulates the sentiment of this partnership, noting that the collaboration with NORNORM was beyond mere business. The dedication to understand challenges, to actively seek solutions, demonstrated a partnership ethos, not just a service provider mindset.

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In conclusion, the collaboration between Nova Consulting Group, Colliers and NORNORM represents more than just a successful partnership—it's a symbol of visionary alignment. By partnering with NORNORM, Nova not only found a solution that addressed their immediate workspace requirements; they embraced a solution that resonated with their long-term vision.

In today's fast-paced business environment, it's partnerships like these that pave the way for growth, sustainability, and success.