Why buy when you can subscribe? Streaming office furniture is now the new norm.


Creating a closed loop

By choosing to subscribe instead of buy, you become part of NORNORM’s circular ecosystem, unlocking affordable access to high-quality furniture and adaptable workspaces while cutting down on your waste and carbon footprint. When a certain piece is eventually no longer needed, it doesn’t get discarded; it's refurbished and reused, prolonging its life. The timeless designs ensure these pieces never go out of style, further enhancing the circularity of your workspace.

If you don't own
You can replace items
That we can circulate to others
Which makes it affordable for more

Tracking every piece of furniture for prolonged lifetime

To maintain our circular and flexible service, understanding every asset in our furniture ecosystem is vital. Through advanced technology, we create a digital passport for each piece, tracking its location and condition. This enables us to efficiently circulate furniture between customers and anticipate when a piece needs service or maintenance. The customer can also easily report problems or learn more about the product’s functions, enhancing the experience and ensuring the longevity of each piece.


The office that adapts to you

Businesses never stand still. And neither should your office. Yesterday, you might have needed 10 desks - today, a collaboration area will suit your operations better. Or you might need to create new, quieter zones. Optimising space to new ways of working raises both productivity and the well-being of your employees. With a flexible NORNORM subscription, you can easily switch furniture functions around if you don’t get it right the first time. No heavy front investment. No risk.