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Prolonged liftime for the planet

The way most offices are furnished today is shaped by yesterday's ways of doing business, with little to no focus on climate. So when needs change, workspaces change, and furniture is either thrown away or stored in the basement.

That’s why 7A has teamed up with NORNORM: a subscription-based ecosystem that refurbishes and circulates furniture between businesses. In short, this means less environmental harm — and more flexible workspaces.
The planet is not a sofa for us to stay comfortable on. We need to get up and find better, circular solutions.

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If you don't own
You can replace items
That we can circulate to others
Which make it affordable for more

7A's reduction in climate impact

Accumulated kg CO₂
Reduced climate impact

Your reduced CO₂ impact when subscribing to NORNORM instead of buying

Annual avoided climate impact compared to buying
1680 kg CO₂

From subscription start Jan. 1, 2024 (accumulated)

Avoided climate impact compared to buying
902 kg CO₂
Actual climate impact of your service
483 kg CO₂

When your needs change, we change

Choosing to subscribe rather than buy furniture is not only better for the planet, but it also opens up complete flexibility. You can easily customize the furniture installation according to your needs. If the company grows or you want to work differently, NORNORM adapts the furniture accordingly.

Full flexibility to scale up or down, or turn it all around

Companies change, and most likely yours will too. It can be anything from new employees needing desks to new ways of working that require new features, or moving to a new location. Your flexible furniture subscription protects you against new needs, and NORNORM adapts your furniture installation when needed.

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Your contribution is crucial

As a user of 7A's office, your thoughts and ideas regarding the workplace are not only valuable but also indispensable for us to implement improvements that enhance your working environment. Therefore, it is important that you share them.

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