When work goes home, social comes to the office

In our research, we found that talents will do their crunch work from home and expect to collaborate and socialize when they come into the office. The way we work is changing and you can use it to propel your organization to a smarter way of working and reduce the space (cost) you need.

Existing empty desks need to make way for collaboration spaces to bring your talents together. Happy talents, happy customers.

NORNORM's provides beautiful curated furniture sets on subscription. We help you repurpose part or whole of your office and you can change whenever you need to. Send us your floor plan today and we will get back with a 3D design to show you what tomorrow looks like.

Some things are worth investing in, office furniture isn’t one of them. Stop buying, start subscribing.

Inspiring spaces. Inspired work.

NORNORM is a subscription-based furnishing model with a simple vision: integrate circularity into the foundation of workspace design and demonstrate how it can benefit individuals, design, business practices and the environment.

Most importantly, we don’t only aspire to be innovative within the work we do, we hope to build spaces that will help inspire innovation in others. Whether you aspire to re-invent the banking industry, or simply want to collaborate in a space that is adaptive to future ways of working — we are here to help.

Imagine what humanity could achieve if millions of workspaces inspired people to do the best work of their lives.

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