NORNORM x orangery – Flexibility meets design

The orangery is currently in an expansion phase - with the ambition to expand to many new locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. NORNORM will be the partner for this journey. Orangery offers workplaces in a flexible and uncomplicated way and NORNORM will equip all new coworking locations with stylish office furniture, comfortable lounge furniture, and phone booths.


“The orangery attaches great importance to stylish furnishings and flexibility. NORNORM is the optimal partner since they offer a fully flexible, sustainable, and circular solution with nordic design furniture.” says Dominik Groenen at The orangery.

NORNORM provides businesses with attractive workplace furniture solutions based on a subscription model. Requiring neither investment nor long-term commitment, it provides flexibility to scale up or down as the company grows or downsizes. The concept is built on circularity, where every piece of furniture is kept in a loop from one workspace to the next, and every product is carefully maintained and refurbished to extend its lifespan. Good for business, people, and the planet. NORNORM is not just a concept, a company, or a service — it is a new and circular way of doing business. For the orangery, one of the most important points for the future is that we guarantee the longevity of all objects within our spaces. NORNORM already serves orangery locations in Rostock, Schwerin, and Lemgo.

"NORNORM is thrilled about the partnership with the orangery and the joint growth journey ahead. After expanding to the main business cities in Germany, we are now much looking forward to joining the orangery in building the future of co-working in 2nd-tier cities throughout the country” says Nikolas Hartlieb at NORNORM.

The orangery wants to revolutionize traditional office rental and is building coworking spaces in secondary cities. The goal is to make working in cities with up to 300,000 inhabitants more attractive to counteract the migration rate of young graduates, startups, freelancers, but also resident companies to big cities. The orangery offers the possibility to rent a workplace in a flexible and uncomplicated way. From working in a private office, desks in open spaces, and meeting rooms, to conferences with business partners, there is something for everyone. Additionally, the lounge area can be used productively or for networking with other coworkers from different industries in a cosy atmosphere. With their Spaces, the founders and CEOs of orangery – Dominik and Sebastian Groenen – have been pursuing the goal since 2018 of establishing coworking away from the metropolises and making their coworkers' everyday working life as pleasant as possible with exclusive features. With this consistently conceived approach in second-tier cities, the orangery is Number 1 in the market and the only nationwide provider in all of Germany.

Press contact NORNORM: Pernilla Angelin
Press contact orangery: Svenja Schutta