Why the office chair could rule your business

Just think that you spend the better part of your days glued to the office chair – then you’ll also understand why it’s so important to choose chairs that are well-designed, safe and comfortable. “We put a lot of effort into finding the perfect office chairs, offering the best quality at the best price”, says Eric Boudart, Creative Director and head of the design process at NORNORM.

Office space with individual and group desks

An office chair has the potential to make or break your day. Choose the wrong chair and you risk all sorts of health-related issues, including backaches and more days off work, low efficiency, and large medical bills. On the other hand, if you choose an ergonomic, high quality chair, it will promote your well-being, productivity and ability to focus without any distractions from discomfort. In terms of performance and productivity, it can in fact reduce the number of breaks you need to take due to being uncomfortable.

Bearing all this in mind, we have been really careful in selecting office chairs for NORNORM. For the individual office desk, we have some basic requirements that the chairs must fulfil, including high back, armrest and wheels, i.e. castors, says Eric Boudart.

The challenge has been to find the best quality at the best price, in accordance with NORNORM concept to offer affordable solutions.

The whole NORNORM concept is based on creativity – and this has really forced us to be creative. What we’ve come up is based on a selection of high-quality office chairs, ranging from iconic, refurbished Herman Miller Aeron chairs – which is in line with our aim for fully circular solutions, of using and re-using furniture.

For conference/meeting rooms, shared work stations and eating areas, Eric Boudart says a number of other aspects should be considered when selecting chairs, depending on the needs and desires of the user, such as if the chairs should be upholstered, have armrests and castors – or not.

Upholstered chairs are a great way of enhancing the design expression of NORNORM; i.e. Nordic Light, Nordic Dark and Nordic Black & White. The same fabric or colour could be also be used in desk dividers, enhancing the design.

But, I wouldn’t recommend upholstered chairs for office kitchens or dining rooms, considering the circularity aspect. We want furniture to get a long life – and also to stay in shape as new, he says.

Eric Boudart also recommends office chairs without castors for shared work stations in open spaces.

It’s a good way to ensure that the structure of the space remains as planned. Chairs with wheels have a tendency to start flying about the office, he says.