The Nordics at the bottom of the circular world ranking – but there are easy ways to improve

We buy too much – and reuse too little. A sustainably made product is not helping the environment if it's thrown in the trash and never used again. That is why circular business models are needed.


Unfortunately, the Nordic economies rank at the bottom of the global circularity ranking. The 2022 Circularity Gap report shows that only 3.4% of the Swedish economy and 2,4% of the Norwegian is circular, compared with the global average of 8.6% and 24.5% in the Netherlands. The figures are equally low for the other Nordic and European countries.

Small efforts can lead to huge results

However, the good news is that we only need to double our efforts – going from 8.6% to 17% – to close the gap and get to the point where the circular economy can deliver the amount of emission reduction needed to get us on a path to a well-below 2-degree world by 2032. There are easy ways to radically improve circularity, reduce the material footprint and make significantly better contributions to emissions targets – all while boosting global competitiveness and innovation. For example;

Screen for and plug leakage

Production processes often consume vast amounts of virgin materials as well as a large amount of energy and water. By focusing on process optimisation, waste can be minimised

Design for longevity

Considerate material choices to ensure durability, together with a modular design that can be easily repaired and reused, make it possible to extend both the integrity and lifespan of a product

Go circular

More and more businesses are transitioning into subscription models, both within their business model and at the office. Difficult to turn your business model circular? Try making your business operations circular.

Drawing from our lessons learned in the office furniture industry we aim with this report to provide insights and inspiration on how you could build a circular business model in your industry that is both more profitable and sustainable.

Download THE CIRCULAR FUTURE OF THE OFFICE FURNITURE INDUSTRY and learn more about how your company can strive toward circularity.