NORNORM Circular Passport at Your Service – for Maximum Flexibility and Circularity

Always dedicated to ensure stellar customer service to our clients, NORNORM now unveils the first edition of the Mobile Circular Passport. Embedding technology to make it easier for our clients to gain information on, receive help with, and take care of their office furniture, the passport stands ready at your service. By scanning the QR code attached to your NORNORM furniture, you are now set to report problems, view product details and even explore your furniture's circular history, all in one go.


“The Circular Passport is truly a way to deliver on our furniture-as-a-service promise, being a tool that provides excellent customer service to our clients, while also embodying NORNORM's pledge to circularity and flexibility.”

Ulf Öman, Customer Experience Manager at NORNORM


Report a Problem

Encountering an issue with your furniture? The Circular Passport simplifies the process of reporting problems. Ready for full functionality in Q2 2024, this feature promises a seamless experience in ensuring your furniture remains in perfect condition, underscoring our dedication to hassle-free service and sustainable quality.

Product Details

Curious about the specifics of your furniture? With the Circular Passport, detailed product information is just a scan away. From measurements and weight to CO2 emissions, we provide full transparency about the environmental impact and physical attributes of your furniture, empowering you with all the knowledge you need.

Circular History

With the Circular Passport, you’re invited to explore the circular history of your furniture. Discover the story of past locations and learn about the value of each piece's role in NORNORM's circular ecosystem.


Get started

Discover the new era of furniture ownership with NORNORM's Circular Passport. Just scan the QR code (usually found underneath your NORNORM furniture) to learn more. Should you find that any furniture included in your subscription lacks QR codes, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’re eager to facilitate their integration during your upcoming service interaction or at the next scheduled check-in.

You can always report any broken furniture, request a change for your office, or ask about invoicing through accessing your subscription page. If any questions arise, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to help.