NORNORM Launches in the UK: A Game-Changer for London's Commercial Real Estate

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NORNORM, a leader in fully circular office furniture subscription services, announces its expansion into the UK market, heralding a new era of flexible office furnishing solutions for London’s real estate market.

The launch follows NORNORM’s success in eight other major European cities, where it has transformed over 250,000 square metres of office spaces. Backed by Inter IKEA and with €110 million in funding, NORNORM is not just a furniture service but a revolutionary approach to commercial real estate furnishing.

By offering a fully circular solution, NORNORM addresses key challenges faced by landlords offering managed and fitted products in the post-COVID era:


NORNORM’s subscription model significantly reduces total ownership costs by over 30%. Shifting CAPEX to OPEX at just 30p per sqft per month, landlords benefit from a more manageable financial model, freeing up capital for growth. This innovative approach eliminates the need for storage and the complexities of moving and changing furniture.


NORNORM's all-in-one service saves time and alleviates the need for external contractors. We provide 3D workspace designs, delivery, assembly, and installation of high-quality ergonomic furniture, and unlimited flex changes thereafter. This single solution approach for sourcing and managing office furniture significantly saves time and effort.

Risk Mitigation

In a market adapting to post-pandemic realities, NORNORM offers a risk-free furnishing solution. Our service’s flexibility ensures adaptability to each tenant's unique needs, mitigating any concerns about furnishing decisions and accommodating tenant changes effortlessly.

Waste Reduction

Compared to traditional linear models, NORNORM's circular subscription service allows businesses to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and avoid the negative environmental impact from furniture waste. NORNORM’s model has demonstrated a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 70% annually.

Koen Betlem, Commercial Manager at EDGE Workspaces, praises NORNORM: “We proudly offer NORNORM’s circular furniture, as it aligns with our commitment to sustainability and flexibility. NORNORM creates stylish, environmentally conscious workspaces that easily adapt to the diverse needs of our tenants.”

As London’s commercial property market evolves, NORNORM stands ready to lead the charge towards a more sustainable, flexible, and financially sound future for office spaces.

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NORNORM offers a subscription-based furniture solution that requires no upfront investment or long-term commitment, providing businesses the flexibility to scale as needed. Our circular model keeps furniture in use for longer, reducing environmental impact and supporting a sustainable future.