NORNORM equips Sono Motors offices

NORNORM, the subscription office furniture service, wins Sono Motors as another renowned brand as a customer.


NORNORM will furnish the new Munich offices of the solar mobility provider. In the process, NORNORM will take care of all the necessary steps: from planning the offices to delivering and installing the furniture. Sono Motors receives modern and high-quality workplaces that can be adapted to changing needs at any time. Since NORNORM's furnishings follow a circular concept, waste is reduced, saving CO₂ emissions. This fits in with the brand philosophy of Sono Motors because the young solar mobility company pursues the mission of accelerating the transport revolution by equipping every vehicle with solar cells. In this way, ranges can be increased, fuel costs lowered and CO₂ emissions reduced.

NORNORM expanded its activities to the German-speaking market in the spring of this year and has already convinced several customers of its concept. NORNORM's goal and vision is to extend the circular economy model to office furniture by having corporate customers subscribe to use furniture instead of buying it in the future. Start-ups in particular, but also cutting-edge corporations, which nowadays have to adapt ever faster, rely on this flexibility. On the one hand, in terms of designing and implementing office space concepts, and on the other hand, financially. On the customer side, the amount of personnel required for office planning is reduced to a minimum and the large investment block for office equipment is eliminated and replaced by flexible monthly costs of three euros per square metre of office space. In addition to Sono Motors, NORNORM has other well-known brands among its customers. These include Wolt, Electrolux and Netflix, among others.

"We are pleased to be contributing to Sono Motors' mission with our products. Our involvement conserves human and financial resources at Sono Motors, allowing them to fully focus on their core business. In addition, we enable the necessary flexibility that a young and fast-growing company needs," says Julian Jacobi, Head of Growth Germany at NORNORM.

"NORNORM is the right partner for our needs. We are agile and have to adapt repeatedly and quickly to changes and challenges. We create climate-friendly solutions and expect the same from our partners. NORNORM meets our requirements here as well," says Mats Stoyhe, Officer Manager at Sono Motors.


NORNORM provides businesses with attractive workplace furniture solutions based on a subscription model. Requiring neither investment nor long-term commitment, it offers flexibility to scale up or down as the company grows or downsizes. The concept is built on circularity, where every piece of furniture is kept in a loop from one workspace to the next, and every product is carefully maintained and refurbished to extend its lifespan. Good for business, people, and the planet. NORNORM is not just a concept, a company, or a service — it is a new and circular way of doing business. NORNORM is part of the top 10 finalists for the European PropTech Association - PropTech House 2022 Awards.

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Sono Motors is on a pioneering mission to accelerate the revolution of mobility by making every vehicle solar. Sono Motors’ disruptive solar technology has been engineered to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of vehicle architectures — including buses, trucks, trailers, and more — to extend range and reduce fuel costs as well as the impact of CO2 emissions, paving the way for climate-friendly mobility.

The Company’s trailblazing vehicle, the Sion, has the potential to become the world’s first affordable solar electric vehicle (SEV) for the masses. Empowered by a strong global community, Sono Motors has over 20,000 reservations with advance down-payments for the Sion as of 1 September 2022.

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