NORNORM earns a spot on Børsen 2023's prestigious sustainability list

NORNORM is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the sustainable projects presented and published by Børsen. The list recognises outstanding initiatives that aim to inspire Danish businesses to prioritise sustainability.

NORNORM goes circular

NORNORM, a provider of sustainable workplace furniture solutions, has been selected as a showcase in Børsen's prestigious Sustainability list for 2023 (Børsen Bæredygtig Cases 2023)

“Sustainability is our driving force and we are proud to be selected and recognised by the Børsen jury for our achievements. This is just the beginning. Our vision is to provide better workspaces — that benefit the people we serve, the businesses we house, and the planet we impact." said Anders Jepsen, CEO at NORNORM.

NORNORM provides businesses with attractive furniture on a subscription basis. Requiring neither investment nor long-term commitment, it offers flexibility to scale up or down as the company grows or downsizes. The concept is circular. Each piece of furniture is kept in a loop from one workspace to the next. Before being reused, every product is carefully maintained and refurbished to extend its lifespan. Good for business, people, and the planet.

By embracing a circular model, NORNORM extends the life cycle of its office furniture by three times and helps companies save up to 70% of emissions compared to buying new office furniture.

"NORNORM is not just a concept, a company, or a service — it is a new and circular way of doing business. Our goal is to make sustainable office furniture accessible to all businesses, not just a select few," Jepsen added. "We believe that by doing so, we can catalyze a shift towards circularity. Much like how Tesla's electrification of cars has transformed the automotive industry. In the future, all businesses with a serious ESG agenda will adopt circular models like ours, and we hope to lead the way."

Børsen presents “Børsen Bæredygtig Cases” yearly, where they highlight good, innovative and green projects in Danish business. They hope to inspire other companies with sustainable ideas for a better future.

Please read the in-depth interview with our CEO Anders Jepsen, published in today's newspaper about NORNORM's work.Efter store investeringer: Møbler på abonnement står foran deres afgørende prøve

NORNORM is a multiple award-winning concepts and has been generously rewarded within the PropTech industry in both the Nordics, Germany and the EU. NORNORM is operating in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Poland and the expansion continues.

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