NORNORM Unveils Furnishing Forecast: A Data-Driven AI Tool set to Transform Workspace Planning

NORNORM introduces Furnishing Forecast, a tool that leverages advanced AI in order to predict and cater to the evolving furnishing needs of modern workspaces. This innovative service marks a significant advancement in making office design both proactive and personalised, ensuring businesses can fully leverage the flexibility of their NORNORM subscription for an optimised, future-ready office environment.

FF - Current vs Suggested (ver 2)

Transforming Workspace Design with AI

The Furnishing Forecast (FF) represents a paradigm shift in how businesses approach their workspace design and functionality. By integrating both internal and external data sources, FF offers a comprehensive analysis that extends beyond current requirements to forecast future needs. This forward-thinking approach enables NORNORM to provide proactive, actionable recommendations, ensuring workspaces evolve in harmony with organisational changes and growth.

“At the core of the Furnishing Forecast is an AI data model that analyses over 650 data points, including company growth projections, cultural shifts, and industry-specific trends. This comprehensive approach ensures that recommendations are not only data-driven but are also highly tailored to each customer's unique context and needs,” says Oscar Slettengren, Revenue Operations Manager at NORNORM.

Navigating Change with Proactive, Tech-Enabled Agility

NORNORM's vision with the Furnishing Forecast is to redefine the customer experience, making it more automated, personal, and significantly more insightful. This innovation is designed to maximise the value customers derive from their NORNORM subscription by not just responding to changes, but anticipating them.

In a rapidly changing world, tools like Furnishing Forecast serve as anchors, empowering companies to stay agile, proactive, and ahead in workspace management strategies. NORNORM’s commitment to using technology to enable circular growth reflects its dedication to driving innovation and supporting the growth of circular companies.

Collaborative Innovation and Expertise

The development of the Furnishing Forecast has been a collaborative effort, incorporating feedback and insights from customers to refine and enhance the service offering. This customer-centric approach underlines NORNORM's commitment to innovation and its dedication to delivering unmatched service experiences.

Leveraging insights from over 2,000 workspace designs, NORNORM is uniquely positioned to offer predictions that are not only accurate but also deeply informed by design excellence and functional expertise. "We strive to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible, to offer our customers the best possible service experience," Nikolas Hartlieb, Operations & Customer Success Manager at NORNORM, adds.

As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing world, tools like the Furnishing Forecast by NORNORM provide a much-needed anchor, enabling companies to stay agile, proactive, and always a step ahead in their workspace management strategies.

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