Epicenter's Workspace Evolution: How Modular Walls Unlocked Flexible, Dynamic Office Solutions

Epicenter is a leading Nordic coworking operator providing 30,000 square metres of cutting-edge office space dedicated to startups and technology companies. Confronted with the challenge of optimising underutilised office space, NORNORM emerged as the pivotal solution.


The Challenge

Epicenter was presented with an exciting opportunity from their landlord: to manage an additional floor of 900 square metres. This new space, located directly above their existing operations, stood empty for eight months. The challenge was not just the vacancy but the fact that the space was poorly optimised. Epicenter needed a solution that was not only efficient but also flexible, to cater to the dynamic needs of their target audience - startups and tech companies.

NORNORM's Solution

The strategy was clear: transform the empty floor into a vibrant hub of smaller studios that could adapt to the varying needs of different tenants. To achieve this, NORNORM employed smart furniture design and modular walls. This approach allowed for the quick reconfiguration of the space, enabling Epicenter to offer tailored studio sizes without the need for a hefty CAPEX investment.

Impactful Results

- The optimisation led to securing the first tenant within just six weeks.
- The space quickly reached full occupancy, proving the market's demand for flexible workspaces.
- Epicenter enjoyed a higher rental yield, as the segmented spaces commanded higher rents than the previous single large area.

The collaboration between Epicenter and NORNORM demonstrates the effectiveness of adaptive design in modern workspaces. By leveraging flexible modular walls, a space can be continuously optimised with no risk or heavy investments required.

From Design to Real Life, See the Final Outcome:

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