Designer Thoughts: The Strategy Behind Furnishing Lounges for one of Scandinavia's Biggest Tech Events

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Join us as we dive deep into the heart of Scandinavia's tech scene at The Tech Arena in Stockholm. This event brought together insights and stories from world-renowned speakers, including former American Vice President Al Gore, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, inspiring attendees from every corner of the arena.

To enhance the experience, The Tech Arena partnered with NORNORM to provide dedicated spaces for attendees at the event to connect and unwind. Our spatial design experts meticulously planned and furnished four distinct lounges: Executive, Investor, Startup, and Media. Drawing from the rich data and insights from over 2,000 workspace designs, we’ve tailored each space to perfectly suit the needs and preferences of its intended users.

Discover the thoughtful design processes behind each lounge:


Style: Nordic Dark
Attributes: Exclusive, calm, warm, high-end
Designer Thoughts: Catering to preferences for a Nordic style with darker tones and materials, this lounge offers large sofa sets ideal for networking, meetings, or simply relaxing in a calm atmosphere.


Style: Nordic Light
Attributes: Flexible, dynamic, teamwork-oriented
Designer Thoughts: Reflecting the most desired style among startups, this lounge features movable furniture and flexible spaces to foster teamwork and accommodate the evolving needs and dynamic work processes of startups.


Style: Nordic Black and White with Graphical Elements
Attributes: Private, sophisticated, networking-focused
Designer Thoughts: Serving as a hub for investors to engage with entrepreneurs, stakeholders, or other investors, this lounge includes sofas with high backs for confidential discussions and negotiations, set in a sophisticated black and white theme with graphical accents.


Inspiration: Entertainment Industry
Attributes: Versatile, engaging, collaborative
Designer Thoughts: Designed to mimic a movie theatre, complete with smaller areas of sofas suited for meetings, interviews, collaborative work, or focused tasks. It offers a variety of seating options, including sofas, swivel chairs, and high stools, to facilitate both formal and informal gatherings.


Join Nilla, our Spatial Design Expert, as she leads you through these dedicated spaces, sharing the thoughtful design processes behind each lounge.