A First Glance: Using Activity-Based Working to Design Workspaces with NORNORM

In a world where the nature of work is ever-evolving, understanding the activities that define our workday is crucial. Having designed over 2,000 workspaces, our NORNORM Design & Range Specialists, Majken and Louise, leverage their extensive experience in their design approach, helping customers identify how they work, socialise, and collaborate. With our forthcoming ‘Activity Set Book’, NORNORM is set to even more meticulously curate and personalise the spaces that empower our clients to do what they do best.


Going from Individual Pieces to a Range of Functions

Through the forthcoming activity set book, NORNORM wants to emphasise the concept of activity-based working. By categorising office activities into different zones, customers will now be able to identify their needs according to their performed activities, later informing the proposed office design by NORNORM. With activities ranging from focused individual work to impactful collaborations and vibrant social interactions, the activity set book will inspire and prompt clients to think about the various activities that define their office space.

Curated Sets for Every Need

The activity set book has a curated approach to design. It doesn’t just suggest furniture, it presents comprehensive ideas and proposals within each activity zone. For example, for the focus activity zone, there will be different furniture sets suggested for face-to-face meetings, desk-sharing, and focused individual work (see the image above for focused individual work), allowing the client to choose what inspires them within each type of activity, while naturally considering the highest demands of functionality and the NORNORM design aesthetics in each proposed set.

Co-creation in Focus

By using an activity-based approach to identifying workspace habits and needs, the design process will now become more streamlined, efficient, and intentional. At NORNORM, we want to create spaces that you love, so that you can do what you do best. By focusing on activity zones and suggesting specific furniture sets, we aim to co-create your space together, more intentionally, sustainably, and functionally.

Want to know more?

As this guide promises to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to create, move, or change their office space, please reach out to our design team at designteam@nornorm.com if you are curious to know more. Stay tuned for the final release of the activity set book. Together, we look forward to designing and working more intentionally - always with circularity at the heart of what we do.