A circular approach in the furniture industry

Employee working on a White Desk with stacks of books beside.

At the same time as everyone are growing more conscious about our overconsumption, the furniture industry’s production continues to snowball. As workspaces go through fast changes and adapt to new ways of working, expensive quality furniture with many more years to give ends up as waste. The frequent replacements have a significant impact on the environment and leave office revamps with a bitter aftertaste.

More often than not, that old furniture ends up in a landfill. A lot of the materials that could have been taken care of if recycled go to waste in the process. However, it’s unfortunate to have to spend energy recycling products that shouldn’t have ended up in any bin in the first place.

Circularity as a business model

NORNORM is a fully circular business, which means that we work to reduce our collective carbon footprint by implementing the three R:s; reduce, reuse, and recycle. Instead of throwing out perfectly good furniture to order new, we prolong the products’ lifespan by refurbishing them. When you need another setup, we simply pick up the furniture you no longer need to restore and find them another home. You can still get that revamp, without the environmental impact, and without reaching too far into your wallet.

Whether you’re expanding, moving, or simply changed your mind, we can help you create a workspace that works for you. Subscribing to furniture instead of buying them makes it easier to swiftly adapt and to limit waste. You’ll still be flexible as your workspace evolves, at the same time as we insert a circular thinking into your business.

While all our products aren’t brand new, we guarantee that our hand-picked selection of Nordic aesthetics still will look and feel great through times and trends. We only work with brands that make furniture made to last. The way we see it, timeless designs add to our vision of circularity since they never go out of style. Products that previously lasted years can now last decades.

Sustainability in all aspects of business

70 percent of all furniture CO2 emissions come from manufacturing. Since we refurbish instead of buying new, we largely avoid contributing to this. Even so, we work to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our business. We ship everything by boat and work together with the transport companies to neutralize our transport carbon footprint. As a rule, when our shipments are full, items are transported to the closest NORNORM stock where they get the love they deserve. It can be a cover change or a little color touch-up to make sure they are what we call “Good as new.” The parts we have to switch out are always taken care of with the environment in mind. We promise full traceability easily accessible from a unique ‘passport ID’ on all our items, from productions and touch-ups, into second and tenth lives. It’s important to us to be this transparent, to make sure that NORNORM is circular in all lines of our business.

In the end, circulating office furniture isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also great for your wallet. Our circular approach is more cost-efficient than replacing furnishing, at the same time as we together decrease our carbon footprint. NORNORM makes affordable and sustainable workspaces accessible to everyone.