5 Essential Work Benefits of Standing Desks

Since the onset of COVID-19, various sectors of the economy have been drastically affected. For corporates and businesses, heeding to the work from home call has been irresistible.

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The virus spreads fast through physical contact, so it makes sense to maximise physical and social distance. However, here's the thing: whether you're working from home or just anywhere, you need top-notch productivity for your team and you. There's no other way to realise that than with standing desks. What's a standing desk? You could be asking.

What is a Standing Desk?

According to PubMed.gov, a standing desk is a non-conventional workstation designed to minimise the time people spend working while sitting. The modern work environment requires flexibility. So, it would be best if you had comfort while also enhancing efficiency.

Besides, it's not just for you, but everyone that's part of your team. If a standing desk can help you increase productivity while also being beneficial to your staff, wouldn't you want to give it a shot?

In today's post, we will look at the benefits of using a standing desk for work instead of the usual conventional office furniture. But before that, below is the quick rundown;

–Reduction of overhead and fixed costs,

–Save on space requirements, and

–Added health advantages.

So, without much ado, let's get to it!

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Reduction of Overhead and Fixed Costs

Unlike the typical workstation, a standing desk will help you save on overhead and fixed office costs. How do we mean? You could be asking. Think about it! If you're using the usual workstation, you'll need an office chair and a table for your computer, monitor and other work stuff. That's only for a single person. What if there are more people in your team?

On the other hand, a standing desk helps you save on the cost of acquiring an office seat since you don't need it. Besides, an ideal standing desk has enough space to accommodate your computer, stationery, desk lamps, and other essential office stuff.

In the long run, it's more affordable to buy a standing desk than a workstation. Moreover, it'll cost you less if you need to maintain a standing desk than the conventional workstation.

Save on Space Requirements

A standing desk saves on space requirement in the office since it takes a seat out of the equation. When using a typical workstation, it'll cover the better part of your office space. Therefore, if there are so many people using the floor, congestion is inevitable.

On the flip side, a standing desk saves you lots of space in the office. So, even when there's limited space on the office floor, you can always have more people fitting in.

Added Health Advantages

The above benefits relate to office work, productivity and the organisation's bottom line. However, according to research by Healthline, standing desks also have direct health benefits. Therefore, not only will you enhance your work efficiency and productivity, but also enjoy these health benefits. So, let's get going!

1. Minimise Chances of Gaining Excess Weight

In a study by the National Library of Medicine, you can burn an extra 170 calories by standing in an afternoon while working. Sitting reduces your body metabolism rate, meaning that you increase your chances of suffering lifestyle diseases like obesity.

However, standing has proven to be helpful when it comes to burning excess calories. Think about it! If you can lose 170 calories in an afternoon, how much more can you lose when you stand for the better part of the day? The good news is, a standing desk can help with this!


2. Helps to Lower Blood Sugar Level

A high blood sugar level isn't something to laugh about. It's a serious health concern that needs attention after diagnosis. But what if you can avoid getting yourself into this kind of health risk?

According to research, working while standing for three hours reduces blood sugar level by 43% compared to when sitting. See, you haven't done much, but by standing for three hours, you reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

Besides, you don't have to be standing throughout the day to reap this health benefit. According to this study, you can alternate between sitting and standing, and you'll still lower your blood sugar level.

3. Lowers the Risk of Suffering Heart Disease

Studies show that sitting for a long time increases the danger of suffering heart disease by 147%. Sadly, the effects are so severe that not even an hour of physical activity can help neutralise the threat.

We don't know about you, but we think that's too much risk exposure. If that's the danger sitting the entire day in an office can cause, then it's the same as sitting on a ticking time bomb.

So, if only one can switch to standing for the better part of the day, this problem can be avoided. Remember, the heart is one crucial body organ that should always be in good health. One sure way of doing that is with the help of a standing desk.

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4. Minimises the Rate of Suffering Back Pain

Sitting for long is a leading contributor of back pain complaints amongst the employees. Besides, the situation gets worse when the workers are already dealing with a back pain condition.

According to studies, using a standing desk can help lower back pain by 32% after a few weeks. So, if you're aware of employees with a back pain condition, getting them a standing desk will help a long way.

5. Helps to Lower Stress Levels

Let's face it! Many times, there's a lot that's expected of employees. Sometimes the deadline is so close that the workers end up getting stressed. Unfortunately, stress makes workers moody and can potentially reduce productivity rates.

In a seven weeks case study, workers who were using standing desks reported less fatigue and stress. This was unlike those who were sitting throughout this period.

Final Thoughts

There's so much you can accomplish with the right office furniture, whether you're working from home, the office or anywhere. Also, the benefits of a standing desk are immense! If you're yet to try out one, this would be the perfect opportunity to take the plunge.