365 days of workplace evolution

In the ever-changing German tech industry, our customer faced the challenge of aligning the physical environment with the evolving needs of their employees. Seeking a solution, they turned to the expertise of NORNORM and the workplace strategy platform Spaciv. Together, we aimed to create a workplace that embraced adaptability, continual user needs assessments, and flexible adaptations.

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First iteration – 3 months after moving in

Employee feedback was collected through a survey integrated with the spaciv platform, referred to as "crowd review." The initial iteration revealed a desire for more informal meeting spaces and underutilization of focus pods. NORNORM promptly replaced the focus pods with furniture designed for informal meetings.

The initial analysis revealed the underutilisation of focus pods and the need for more informal meeting spaces. (left image)
Prompt changes to the space mix improved user satisfaction significantly. (right image)


Second iteration – 6 months after moving in

With a new major client secured, our customer's workforce increased, requiring rapid adaptation of the office space. Based on the results from the spaciv forecasting tool, density buffers were included in the initial design enabling easy adjustments to the space planning. Using the flexibility of the NORNORM subscription, additional workstations were delivered. This allowed the customer to accommodate growth without the need for a costly move to a larger office.


Third iteration – 12 months after moving in

The workplace team conducted an update to the Spaciv review, uncovering further changes in activity profiles and dissatisfaction. NORNORM's recommendation of two-person additional meeting pods addressed the need for small meetings without disturbing colleagues.



The partnership between NORNORM and Spaciv has created an easy, sustainable, and cost-efficient process that enhances employee satisfaction and organizational effectiveness. By combining insights from the Spaciv platform with NORNORM's workplace planning and flexible furniture subscription models, they continuously improve workplaces and stay ahead of change.