Your office at your fingertips

With our app, you will see every single item in every room and space throughout your office.

This gives you a complete and accurate overview of all your inventory - even across multiple locations. Being an app, it is always with you as you move through the office during the day.

A place for everything

Our app displays the information you need to know about a space or room in the office. This includes floorplans, your NORNORM (and non-NORNORM) inventory, photos and any other information.

NORNORM iOS app overview

Be in full control of your workplace, and help make it the best environment for you and your co-workers. What you do has a huge impact on their lives, and we are here to help you in every way. We are just a click away.

Need to know basis

With our app, you have easy access to what inventory is placed where. You can also easily view care instructions, quick guides and status of any item in the office.

Fulfil your safety obligations for a safe workplace, share the information with your team. The information is there if you need it, and comfortably out of the way when you don’t. Just as it should be.

NORNORM App Details page.

Everything is just a scan away

Every item is tracked with a unique QR code. A quick scan will reveal everything you need to know about an item.

From there, you can easily send repair requests, ask to change your inventory or move furniture around. All is done with a simple tap.

NORNORM app QR code