Når arbejdet rykker hjem, flytter det sociale liv ind på kontoret.

Gentænk dit kontor efter COVID-19 og lad NORNORM forvandle dit eksisterende setup til en samarbejdsplads nu.

Abonnér på recirkulerede kontormøbler fra 1€ pr. ansat pr. dag.

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Thought leading companies are announcing their re-opening strategies and changes in their work policies. Spotify was one of the first to annouce their fully remote policy for their staff, enabling them to work from anywhere also post covid. Microsoft highlights the concept of hybrid work - a mix between office and remote.

As work goes home, social comes to the office. When individual desk work now can be done from home, there will be increased focus on collaboration at the office. Less desks are needed, in favor for more room and space for creative meetings. Telecom giant Ericsson forecasts 20% of their open landscape desks to be replaced by areas for creative collaboration.

Home office will require ergonomic, and good looking furniture as they become permanent. Offering home office sets will be an important part of the employee experience. - and it can now be done for 1 Euro per employee per day using NORNORMs subscription service.

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NORNORMs business model is all about circularity, we want to reduce waste by circulating office furnitures that are as good as new. Therefore, we can buy existing furniture from you and let it be a part of the subscription model, if it lives up to our high standards of ergonomics, timeless design and quality.

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As going to the office will be a social experience, the functionality and environment must allow for meetings and collaboration. Otherwise, there is no point in not being on Zoom.

The amount of desk hours remains but at a different location, ergonomics at home will become key. Offering a simple set up for employees are right now a benefit, but will soon be a baselayer in the employee experience.

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In the subscription model, NORNORM manages everything. From design, to delivery and installation. Using advanced logistics and our app - we even manage replacement and maintenance of the furniture. For home office, we deliver and install in the home of your employees.

In short, if you could stream office furniture, NORNORM would be it. It's that simple.