Friends of Friends and NORNORM release series exploring circularity in product design, business and community

“Circular Views” is an editorial series produced by Friends of Friends in collaboration with NORNORM. Spotlighting innovative thinkers, each interview explores a different dimension of circularity with the goal of raising awareness and fostering a creatively driven movement rooted in circular practices.

Anders Jepsen explores circular design thinking

On February 21, Friends of Friends and NORNORM will launch “Circular Views” — a series of interviews, videos and photography portraits that explore the theme of circularity through the eyes of innovators who have made it front and center of their creative and professional lives.

From a design studio in Munich to the community streets of Glasgow, “Circular Views” follows the theme of circularity as it scales from product design, to business development, all the way to community-wide action and impact.

The series begins with Stefan Diez, the award-winning industrial designer that has been honing his vision for a circular economy while creating iconic lighting and office fixtures for the likes of E15, Hay, Magis, and Midgard, and sharing his insights through teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Stefan Diez in his studio in Munich

“In the end, what is it about? It's about creating a relationship between the user and this object. I think we all have a strong link to things that are meaningful, that have been charged by accompanying our life.”

Detailed Chair shot in Diez studio

The second story centers around Anders Jepsen, CEO and Co-Founder of NORNORM, a subscription-based furnishing service working to scale circular business thinking as the new norm in real estate and workspace design across Europe.

Anders Jepsen in Office

“What we want to do is something that creates impact. In order to do that, we need to appeal to the many, not the few.”

Material Selection at NORNORM

Finally, the series moves to Glasgow to meet Sophie Unwin, Founder and Director of Remade Network — the three-year-old Glasgow-based social enterprise empowering community agency and digital inclusion through electronic repair and recycling projects, mending workshops, and job creation programs.

Sophie Unwin Founder of Remade Network

“With our current economic model, we create so many problems we then have to fix down the line. Why don't we prevent them in the first place by not just valuing economic growth, but valuing community and the environment equally?”

Remade Network Shop Front


NORNORM is a subscription-based furnishing model on a mission to define the future of how we work. NORNORM’s purpose and vision is to apply a circular model to office interiors.

They specialise in providing flexible, affordable and inspiring work environments through using, and reusing, resources intelligently in order to promote the well-being of both employees, businesses and the planet.

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