NORNORM Partners with RISE in 2DSR Project to transform Furniture Refurbishment

NORNORM, a Scandinavian leader in subscription-based furniture services, is proud to announce its collaboration with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in the Digital Decision Support for Refurbishment (2DSR) project. This partnership aims to accelerate and enhance the refurbishment and repair processes, critical components of the circular economy, by utilising advanced machine learning tools.


Launched in September 2022, the 2DSR project focuses on facilitating faster, more precise decisions in the repair, refurbishment, and reuse of furniture. As of October 2023, NORNORM has joined this innovative consortium, contributing to a significant leap in sustainable furniture management.

“Collaborating with NORNORM is a dream come true for researchers at RISE and the 2DSR project. We see NORNORM as a pioneer of circular business models in the Nordics. We’re excited to be working with them on a digital tool that will help deliver a high-quality service to their customers while maximising product lifetime,” says project manager Robert Boyer RISE.

At the core of NORNORM's business model is refurbishment, aligning seamlessly with the goals of the 2DSR project. Our subscription service offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing clients to update their office furniture as their needs evolve. This approach naturally incentivises the creation of products that boast high durability, adaptability, and ease of maintenance.

A key initiative in this collaboration is the development of an image-recognition tool, designed to instantly identify and categorise damaged furniture – a process known in machine learning as 'anomaly detection'. This tool will enable us to assess the condition of returned furniture items swiftly and determine the necessary repairs, all from a single image.

"The collaboration with RISE on the 2DSR project will significantly enhance our refurbishment processes. By refining our ability to accurately determine damages, we ensure fair and consistent treatment across all cases. This not only brings transparency and efficiency to our operations but also strengthens our commitment to the circular economy, setting a new benchmark in the furniture industry," says Oscar Hellbring from NORNORM.

The 2DSR project runs through September of 2025 and is sponsored by Vinnova. In addition to NORNORM and RISE, the project includes OOAKI Living, GoZero Sverige, and Eskilstuna Kommun.

About RISE

RISE is an independent government research institute. As an innovation partner for all of society, we help to develop technologies, products, services and processes that contribute to a sustainable world and a competitive business community. We do this in collaboration with and on behalf of industry, academia and the public sector. We also have a special focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their innovation processes. For more information, visit For questions about the 2DSR project, contact Robert Boyer, Senior Researcher,


NORNORM provides businesses with attractive workplace furniture solutions based on a subscription model. Requiring neither investment nor long-term commitment, it offers flexibility to scale up or down as the company grows or downsizes. The concept is built on circularity, where every piece of furniture is kept in a loop from one workspace to the next, and every product is carefully maintained and refurbished to extend its lifespan. This is good for business, people, and the planet.