NORNORM Wins the Nordic Proptech Awards in Space-As-A-Service

Subscription furnishing service NORNORM has just been named one of the most innovative new startups in the Nordic Proptech scene, winning the Space-as-a-service category at the Nordic Proptech Awards.

Anders Jepsen in Office

On March 4, the Nordic Proptech Awards — a joint venture between the proptech associations of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland celebrating the best of tech-driven innovation in real estate — announced that NORNORM is the best in class for Space-as-a-service.

After narrowing down the field from 67 nominees with the help of 38 jury members, the NPA winners were announced live via livestream. All NPA winners will attend MIPIM 2022, the largest real estate fair in the world, to share their perspectives on the future of work and the importance of technological innovation in the real estate industry.

After only two years in the field, the fully circular subscription - based furnishing service NORNORM was honored to receive this recognition from the Nordic Proptech community.

NORNORM winning protech award

"As a young company working in the fields of circular economy, space-as-a-service and the future or work, it is sometimes difficult to assess what decisions you've made will end up being the right ones. That is both the exciting and daunting thing about innovating in uncharted territory — the metrics of success are not even defined for us yet.

That being said, this win and recognition from the NPA tells us that while we certainly don't have everything figured out, we are on the right track — and perhaps most importantly, have the benefit of taking this journey with an ecosystem of trailblazers intent on building a future for real estate we can all be proud of."

- Anders Munk Jepsen, Co-Founder and CEO of NORNORM

Backed by IKEA, NORNORM is on a mission to redefine the future of work by creating a fully circular business model for workspace furniture. To learn more about the NORNORM concept, it’s recent NPA win, or to book in an interview with Anders Jepsen, please reach out to:

Katrina Brindle

+45 31 60 40 89


NORNORM is a subscription-based furnishing model on a mission to define the future of how we work. NORNORM’s purpose and vision is to apply a circular model to office interiors.

They specialize in providing flexible, affordable and inspiring work environments through using, and reusing, resources intelligently in order to promote the well-being of both employees, businesses and the planet.

About Anders Jepsen

Anders Jepsen has +15 years experience within IKEA and leading large scale global operations. He has been in charge of both driving IKEAs expansion and growth in emerging markets as well as leading one of their largest business areas within furnishing accessories (representing €6bn and +400 customers on an annual basis). Jepsen is NORNORM’s Co-Founder and CEO.