NORNORM and EDGE Next announce partnership to revolutionise workspaces

NORNORM, a subscription-based furnishing service offering radically affordable workspace solution through circular renting models, and EDGE Next, the SAAS platform that uses industry-leading sensor and monitoring solutions to optimise any building’s performance, have joined forces in their shared mission to transform the workplace.

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This collaboration focuses on optimising workspaces to be flexible, improve individual wellbeing, and adapt to the challenges of returning to work in a post COVID-19 world. By combining NORNORM’s unique circular model with EDGE Next’s integrated smart technology, workspace design can change — quickly and without additional cost — based on the specifically unique needs of companies and employees. In a time where business is unpredictable and health is a top priority, the ability to easily change the design of one’s workspace and the makeup of its environment such as the air quality of a meeting room, is now more important than ever.

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“From the very early stages of working with NORNORM, we have been big fans of this fresh new offering for workplaces. We are happy to exchange knowledge and improve both of our products.

We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership, and continuing to have a positive impact on people and the planet — one workplace at a time.”

– Priya Shankar, Head of Product EDGE Next.

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In this partnership, both parties will share their knowledge in the field of space occupancy, sustainability, and wellbeing, as well as giving insights on how smarter workplaces can increase space and energy efficiency. Combining circular furniture with intelligent workspaces will create data that can be benchmarked across thousands of workplaces – offering clients valuable information on their needs.

EDGE Next Workspace

“With our collaboration we are taking an important first step towards our shared vision for better workspaces. Most importantly, we believe that this is just the beginning of a far grander movement towards normalising circular business practices and pragmatically smart spaces.

We are here to collaborate with partners who share this ambition and hopefully inspire a precedent to see positive change across other businesses and industries.”

- Anders Jepsen, CEO NORNORM.

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With complementary expertise and a common goal, the partnership will aim at uplifting NORNORM’s services through EDGE Next’s technological capabilities, which in turn will provide a perfect base for EDGE Next’s ambitions to turn any office into a smart workspace. NORNORM was officially launched in the Netherlands in May of 2021 and is expanding to serve wider parts of Europe, Asia and the US soon. Operating under the same roof at EDGE Olympic Amsterdam, NORNORM and EDGE Next’s physical proximity can only reinforce their common mission to change the workplace for the better.

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