From cafes to canteens, our curated dining sets offer everything you need to set up a place where co-workers can unwind, fill up on food and relax.

Comtemporary dining area with dark wood long tables and benches and lamps in Nordic Black & White

Feed the productivity

Research shows that offices and workspaces with well designed, stocked up lunch areas actually have happier employees. Our move-in ready sets cover everything whether you are looking for lunch rooms, break rooms, cafeterias or coffee stations.

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Office with HAY 30 degree lamp, JAMES MESH office chair, wooden desk and black lamp in Nordic Light


3 x Nordic design

Our foundations is built on the Nordic heritage of elegance and simplicity. Choose between three different aesthetics that will last through times and trends.



Ready, set, go.

Designing your space has never been easier with our curated furniture sets. You don’t have to worry about anything, just pick a style and we will handle the rest.

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