Meet the NORNORM team: Schaho Balbas

“A modern way to solve a modern problem”

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Our team is growing and we are thrilled to introduce one of our latest members: Schaho Balbas — working with our German team in Business Development. Schaho introduces us to his perspectives on the NORNORM concept, the epiphanies you have job searching during a pandemic, and what keeps him passionate within these early stages of his career.

What’s your background?

“I have a BA in Business Economics from the San Diego University, after which I did internships in project management at eBay and corporate communications at BASF”.

Why did you join NORNORM?

“I graduated when the pandemic hit, and the two jobs I’ve had since then have mostly been conducted on remote. I’ve seen all the empty offices and realised all the waste of both space and furniture. I then came across an article on LinkedIn about NORNORM. Reading about the flexibility and circularity of the concept gave me an “Aha” moment.

I felt that NORNORM has come up with a modern way to solve a modern problem. I was happy to find that there was a vacancy in business development that I could apply for."

So how is it going so far?

“After a week at my new job I feel even more enthusiastic about being able to work with spreading the NORNORM concept in Germany. Working from the EDGE Grand Central in Berlin – one of the smartest and most sustainable offices in Germany – I get the opportunity to try out the concept in person as it features furniture solutions provided by NORNORM”.

What keeps you passionate?

“I’m 24 years old, and many people of my age want to dedicate themselves to saving the world. I think it’s great that I combine having a job that I enjoy - and that can also do something good for the planet."

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