Don’t buy office furniture, 
subscribe to it.

At NORNORM, we are on a mission to show that circular businesses are not only better, they can transform the way we work.

Subscribe from €1 per person a day.

When you change, we change

As your company changes, whether it be scaling up or scaling down, we adapt to your needs — replacing, adding or taking away pieces to keep your space flexible and functional.

From €1 per co-worker 
a day

Our affordable subscription-based model gives you the freedom to adapt your office as you business needs evolve. Break the cycle of repeatedly buying new office chairs, desks and tables — choose a smarter and circular way to furnish your office.

Better for the wallet, and 
the planet

All our furniture is circular, meaning that we prolong each piece’s lifespan through repair and refurbishment — keeping office furniture in circulation and, most importantly, out of landfills.

Women sitting by the window sill, working and having a meeting

Good for the planet, people and businesses

Happier employees collaborate better, build more self-esteem and are more productive.

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