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Whether your employees work remote, at the office or a bit of both, NORNORM can help you provide them with flexible, affordable office furniture — at work and at home, matching the needs of their living situation.

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An all inclusive home office - matching individual living situtations

All of your employees live different and have different needs, therefore we offer a range of furniture set combinations that can be matched and suited to the compact home office in a tiny, central apartment to a spacious floor of a surburb villa. To enable individual tailoring at scale, we have curated a selection of ergonomic sets and styles in timeless design from which your team can pick and choose.

Everything included from €1 per day

You tell us who to serve, where to go and what they need — and we’ll do the rest. We’ll handle the design, transportation logistics, installation and entirely circular maintenance. Everything made easy with our fully integrated service for €1 per co-worker a day.

No hassle – we take care of administration and management

With no hassle and admin from your company's HQ, we take care of all administration and management for your entire team globally through a tailor made digital platform. We enable each employee to order and change the furniture sets and designs they need, whenever.

Executive office with light wooden desk, comfy office chair and wooden lounge chairs Nordic light
Women sitting by the window sill, working and having a meeting

Good for the planet, people and businesses

Happy employees collaborate better, build more self-esteem and are more productive.

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