We’re here to build the future of workspaces


If we feel good, we work great.

Make workspaces better for people, businesses and the planet.

Technology – The smart workspace that learns and improves.
Circularity - A new way of doing business with Planet Earth.
People - Encouraging wellbeing and great work.
Totality - A full circle service that embraces partnerships.

Business idea
NORNORM offers radically affordable workspace furnishing and services through circular renting models.

If you don’t own
You can replace items
That we can circulate to others
Which makes it affordable for more


At NORNORM, we believe that modernising the spaces we work in means so much more than just switching around some furniture or adding in a ping pong table or two.

To design the workplace of the future is to shape the work we do and how we feel while we do it.

If we can be part of a process that makes the spaces you work in a little bit friendlier, a touch more responsive to your needs, and smarter in the face of change, then we will have accomplished a fraction of what we hope to achieve.

But, if we can enable a space that inspires you and your team to do the best work of your lives, then we will call that a job well done.

Workspaces defined

A workspace is not only the physical foundation of where we work, it is everything we put into it, to make it feel good and functional. In our opinion a workspace is more than an office. It puts people’s needs first and encourages collaboration, well-being and creativity. A workspace is flexible, adjustable and smart, so it fits the needs of ever changing business. Workspaces are affordable for everybody, because we are all human beings and deserve to feel good.

We believe a workspace should enable people to focus on what really matters: Making the best work of their lives.


Our circular approach
We do business in a new way, where people and planet are just as important.

Refurbishing high quality furniture allows for more circulation between businesses. Furniture that previously lasted years, now 
last for decades. We call it “Good as new” and this approach 
means affordable quality workspaces are accessible for everyone.

NORNORM Company Circularity Model


The full service
You provide the people and the floor plan, we’ll take care of the rest.

From furniture, to every day workspace needs - we push the limits for what’s possible by partnering with the most trusted and loved brands in the world.

NORNORM Company Tonality Model Illustration


Introducing the smart workspace
Intelligent furniture and behavioural measurement means it’s possible to benchmark data across thousands of workspaces.

Combine this with our expertise and human touch, and we begin to know what businesses need before they know it themselves.

NORNORM Company Technology Model Illustration